Nuova Simonelli - for great espresso even for the most demanding coffee enthusiasts. ☕️

Nuova Simonelli's Italian coffee machines are among the best in the world and will help even beginners make great espresso. Nuova Simonelli coffee machines are suitable for homes, offices, but also for companies, small businesses and especially cafes. You'll find everything this Italian icon produces.

The Nuova Simonelli brand comes from Italy, the mecca of espresso. Its history dates back to 1936. This year, Orlando Simonelli's first coffee machine bears the eponymous name. Pressurised water supply, electric heating, these were the elements of the first vertical coffee machine. This coffee machine was a revolutionary innovation on the market at the time and pioneered a new way of developing coffee machines.

Since then, countless Nuova Simonelli models have been invented. Each one, however, has found a place of honour in its history. Nuova Simonelli coffee machines can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers. In our Spa Coffee Roastery, we have a Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II two-pair coffee machine that fits perfectly into our simple interior and can meet all our requirements.

Nuova Simonelli's vision is clear - to meet the wishes of even the most demanding customers. Nuova Simonelli produces professional coffee machines of the highest quality thanks to its many years of experience. Nuova Simonelli is at the cutting edge of coffee preparation technology, which is clearly demonstrated by the fact that it is part of the World Barista Championship. Nuova Simonelli wants to continuously improve and perfect itself. And so investment in new technology, training, design innovation and other areas will be an integral part of this great work. We can't wait to see what Nuova Simonelli has in store for us next.