Pěstík: Garden supplies and natural essential oils for your home. 🌱🏡

Pěstík is a Czech brand that originates from the spa town of Luhačovice in the Zlín region. Pěstík offers everything in the field of gardening, literally from seed to lawnmower. You can find their 100% natural essential oils in our shop.

Pěstík is an eshop for passionate beginner gardeners, but also for advanced ones. On the Fist website, you'll find almost everything you need to pursue your passion. Seeds, quality fertilizer, but also all other gardening supplies. If you don't know how to fertilize, when to fertilize, how to plant what and what everything is used for, Fist will be happy to advise you by email or phone. Fist is your garden helper!

100% natural essential oils can do a person a great service. They can scent your spaces and positively support your inner emotions. Essential oils also help to influence the proper functioning of internal organs.

You can apply essential oils to your skin, use them in a diffuser or treat yourself to an aromatherapy bath. The properties of essential oils are manifested on three levels. They can affect our emotions, psyche and mood. We can already tell at first contact whether it does us good or has a negative effect on us.