Victoria Arduino - master coffee machines for cafes and restaurants

🏆 With over 100 years of tradition, Victoria Arduino is a manufacturer of iconic coffee machines and grinders that have become a symbol of quality and innovation in the world of coffee. Their machines, perfected over years of experience, are dubbed as the best in the world and regularly appear at the World Barista Championships.
🚂 This prestigious brand was born from the inspiration of the steam train and the desire to prepare coffee as quickly as possible. Pier Teresio Arduino, founder of Victoria Arduino in 1905, combined the principles of physics with a passion for perfect coffee to create the first espresso machine called "Victoria". The name symbolizes the faith of victory that Arduino dedicated to his lifelong pursuit of perfect coffee.
Today, Victoria Arduino focuses on the production of professional coffee machines and grinders, continuing the tradition of its founder. Their coffee machines have become an official partner of the World Barista Championship, proving the brand's ongoing commitment to excellence in the world of coffee.