Dripper Hario V60-02 plastic white

Dripper Hario V60-02 plastic white

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Product code: 4039 Shipping options

Dripper Hario is the perfect companion for lovers of dripcoffee from the Japanese manufacturer. Do you love "turko" but want to switch to a healthier alternative? Thenthis dripper is perfect for you!

Hario plastic dripper

Almost every café offering filter coffee uses Hario gadgets - you too can prepare coffee at home using professional technology. With the Hario V60-02 Dripper you can prepare 1 to 4 cups of delicious coffee. The plastic from which the dripper is made is harmless and has no effect on the final taste of the coffee. Thanks to its lightness, it is also suitable for travelling! Maintenance is also easy thanks to the material used - you can simply wash it in the dishwasher. The V60 - so typical of Hario - marks the 60° angle that the drip tray makes, creating a unique design reminiscent of the letter V. Notches are placed along the sides of the dripper to help drain the liquid to the bottom.

Using the Hario plastic dripper

Place thefilter paper in the dripper and rinse thoroughly with water - this will eliminate the paper coffee aftertaste and bring the dripper to the correct temperature. Then add the coffee - we recommend using freshly ground coffee, this way you will enjoy maximum enjoyment of the aroma and taste. The coarseness of the grind should be higher than for espresso. Pour a small amount of water (preferably 92°-94°) into the centre and wait 30-45 seconds. Then slowly pour the water into the dripper in a circular motion - do not rush - this process should ideally take 3 minutes.

Contents of the package: Dripper Hario V60-02 Coffee scoop in the unmistakable V60 design

Colour White
Material Plastic
Maximum number of cups 4
Volume 120-480 ml


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