IMS basket 16-20 g B682TH24.5M

IMS basket 16-20 g B682TH24.5M

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Product code: 5353 Shipping options

IMS - Professional strainer for portafilter

  • Micrometrically precise perforation of the basket bottom
  • high quality IMS filter material
  • coffee preparation without clogging the strainer holes
  • maximising espresso extraction yield
  • so lving the problem of coffee channelling

Why change the espresso basket

The metal filter in the portafilter is exposed to harsh conditions day in and day out. Both when making espresso and when cleaning the levers of the machine. The risk of damage from careless handling of the portafilter strainer or wear and tear is reduced by quality material manufacturing such as with IMS baskets.

Due to the high influence of the strainer on the extraction process and the taste of the coffee, it is the IMS precision basket that gives you the chance to make the perfect espresso you want in your lever espresso machine. No coffee overflow, no clogging of the filter holes.

Colour Silver
Recommended tamper size 58 mm, 58.4 mm
Capacity of the cup 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
Compatibility coffee maker Carimali, Gaggia, La Cimbali
Material Stainless steel
Perforated surface 44 mm
Number of holes 641
Hole diameter 0.3 mm
Shape Cylindrical with specific end curvature
Outer diameter 68 mm
Inner diameter 59 mm
Height (cm) 3
Width (cm) 7
Depth (cm) 7

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