Melitta Cafina CT8

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A professional automatic coffee machine created specifically for the high demands of customers. It can work in continuous operation. It meets the highest demands for performance and ease of operation and maintenance. More

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A professional automatic coffee machine created specifically for the high demands of customers. It can work in continuous operation. It meets the highest demands for performance and ease of operation and maintenance. More

Product code: 534 Shipping options

Professional automatic coffee machine that is most satisfied in continuous operation to meet the needs of the operator and customers.

Maximum performance and easy operation

Fully automatic, unstoppable and above all a professional coffee machine at a high level. The Melitta Cafina CT8 will surprise, impress and not leave you cold. It meets all your requirements you may have for an automatic coffee machine in a busy business or office. It will also meet the wishes of your customers and clients who expect speed and high quality drinks. It is ready to meet the most varied variations of coffee, milk and chocolate, in the highest quality and with precision. The hourly performance is amazing! And the touch screen gives convenience and provokes more speed for preparation.

Top technology

You must be wondering what makes it so unbeatable, reliable and efficient. Its robust metal construction with a stainless steel cooking unit (depending on the model) is the main reason. One or two high-performance grinders (depending on customization) guarantee precision, durability and long service intervals. With two grinders, the grind can be perfectly adjusted for two different types of coffee beans according to your preferences and tastes. Grinding coffee takes less than two seconds thanks to the powerful motor, the coffee retains its aroma and uniqueness. The fine sieve helps for a fine grind and an exceptionally high espresso yield from the smallest amount of ground coffee. Which means greater economic efficiency.


Excellent coffee is always possible, around the clock, seven days a week. The Melitta Cafina CT8 is designed for the highest demands and requirements for speed and efficiency. It is perfectly equipped for continuous operation and high demand. An important assistant in the food service industry. The inspiration for this model came from the special requirements of customers looking for performance, intuitive operation, variety of beverages and, above all, quality in cups. All this motivated the Melitta developers for the perfect professional, automatic coffee machine , the Melitta Cafina CT8. The result is an outstanding coffee machine with a functional design that is attracting attention throughout the food industry.

Fast and reliable

From the stainless steel brewing unit to the stainless steel housing, through all the quality materials and technology that the Melitta Cafina CT8 is directly brimming with, it has earned the nickname of a robust sprinter. It has proven long distance performance and speed for your needs in the coffee world.

Coffee to GO!

The coffee maker is specially adapted for takeaway coffee. Of course, it is ideal for serving any variation of coffee to go. Meet your customers' demands for the convenience that coffee to go brings.

Intuitive controls

The extra-large 10.4" touchscreen ensures clarity and quickly guides you to the desired product. Products are displayed as a brief overview of drinks or you can put drinks into groups. You can find out which drink is the most common and put that one in the foreground to speed up your selection. Or choose a self-service mode to let customers choose for themselves.

Do you like hot or cold foam?

The newly developed milk system allows for cold and hot milk, as well as hot or cold milk foam. The consistency is individually programmable. The solid basis is always a tasty milk foam with a pleasant appearance.

CIP - Clean in Place

Automatic cleaning of the machine, which does not require complicated machine start-up or removal of the brewing unit. It couldn't be easier. Cleaning the milk and coffee paths is easy and quick.

VPS - Variable Pressure System

This feature allows you to vary the plunger pressure and meet the requirements of different coffee specialties.

ACS - Automatic Coffee System

Probably the most interesting feature of this Melitta Cafina CT8 automatic professional coffee machine. It works like your barista inside the machine. It monitors the coffee preparation and adjusts the pressure, water temperature, changes the coarseness of the grind, the amount of ground coffee and the brewing time if necessary.

Interchangeable bean hopper

Depending on the optimization, you can purchase two grinders, therefore two bean trays, and have a wide selection. These trays can hold up to 1.3 kg of coffee beans each. They are easily removable and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Robust and functional

The functional design of the Melitta Cafina CT8 is strictly adhered to and with it goes the principle of "form follows function". It's not nonsense, it's actually about the fact that the coffee maker is easy to clean and the stainless steel fronts are highly functional and easy to handle.

The options offered by the Melitta Cafina CT8

The coffee maker has an add-on module. You can change not only the milk, the type of beans and the milk foam. Choose an instant blend and discover the other wide range of drinks you can prepare with the Melitta Cafina CT8. There is also a wide selection of recipes for delicious coffee cocktails.

Productivity per hour

Espresso: 250

Cappuccino/Latte: 200

Espresso Lungo/ Crema: 200

Cocoa: 80

Hot water: 40 L

Wide possibilities of customization of the coffee machine

You can buy a second grinder, a separate hot water nozzle and a steam nozzle.

There is also Steam Control Plus, an instant blend container (cocoa, milk powder), a container drain and a lockable bean container.

There are also many options for storing milk or warming cups - a fridge for 9 litres of milk or two types of milk (2 x 4L), a fridge for 4 litres of milk, an under-table fridge for 9 litres of milk or two types of milk (2 x 4 litres). A rack for warming 80-120 cups.

Automatic cleaning Yes
Colour Silver
Cappuccino in one squeeze Yes
Pump Rotary
Dosage Configurable
Daily capacity of the coffee machine 300
Display Yes
To Confectionery, Hotel, Offices, Restaurant
Functions of the coffee machine Automatic cleaning of milk ducts, Touch screen display, LED lighting, Coffee quantity setting, Water quantity setting, Descaling programme, Preparation of two milk drinks at the same time, Quiet operation, Insert your own recipe, Hot water dispensing, Instant mix tray
Material Stainless steel, Plastic
Coffee bean grinder Yes
Voltage 230V
Power input (W) 6800
Prepared drinks Americano, Caffè latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Hot water for tea, Lungo, Warm milk
Milk whisk Automatic
Tag Design, Quality, Premium
Pressure (bar) 15
Basic functions Coffee grinder, Milk system
Coffee container (g) 1300
Source of water Direct water supply
Height (cm) 81
Width (cm) 35
Depth (cm) 65