Nivona NICR 970

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Product code: 753 Shipping options

A beautiful automatic coffee machine for the office or home. New technology and great design.

Touch screen display

  • A new generation - new conveniences. 5" TFT touchscreen to make your coffee preparation easier.
  • Orientation in the menu is even easier and simpler. Tap here, tap there.

Cappuccino Connaisseur

An amazing feature for exploring the world of coffee. 3 coffee and milk mixing combinations.

  • First coffee, then milk - milk foam.
  • First milk - milk foam, then coffee.
  • Coffee and milk at the same time.


  • 2 cappuccinos at the touch of 1 button.
  • Cappuccino, latte, macchiato - just one touch

Maintenance made easy

  • Removable brewing unit.
  • All the necessary cleaning programs at the touch of a button: cleaning, descaling and rinsing.
  • The automatic coffee machine has a Bluetooth app that informs you of all maintenance requirements.

Aroma Balance System

We all have different tastes and preferences. Some people prefer strong coffee and others prefer subtle flavours. The Aroma Balance System or "Barista in a box" gives you a unique option. From the same beans you get 3 different flavours:

  • Dynamic - pleasant taste with a slight acidity, slightly fruity
  • Consistent - full-bodied flavour with a bitter and spicy note
  • Intense - strong full flavour with a spicy and distinct bitterness

How is this possible? The automatic coffee machine plays with water temperature, pressure and flow rate according to your requirements. Don't be afraid - Discover!

"My coffee"

  • There are 9 programs that you can customize.

Packed with modern technology

  • Height adjustable drain up to 14 cm.
  • Hot water for tea lovers with three temperature levels.
  • Illumination of the cupspace with two colours - white and yellow.
  • Space for one dose of ground coffee - a popular brand, decaffeinated...
  • ECO mode saves your energy and thus your wallet.
  • Statistics and maintenancemonitoring in the menu

Waiting for your orders

Aspects of coffee that you can influence:

  • Coffee quantity
  • The amount of milk
  • You can adjust the beverage during preparation
  • Aroma Balance System - 3 profiles
  • Coffee Intensity - 5 levels
  • Water temperature
  • Ground coffeecoarseness setting

Nivona NICR 960 has your drinks ready, but also looks forward to your ideas.


  • An app that can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Informs you of maintenance needs.
  • The amount of coffee and water in the reservoirs.
  • You can select or modify individual recipes in the menu.

CLARIS - filter cartridge

  • Simple app - screw into the water tank.
  • Less descaling.
  • No chemicals - only organics.
  • Longer life.
  • Especially for Nivona and automatic coffee machines.

Automatic cleaning Yes
Colour Silver
Cappuccino in one squeeze Yes
Pump Vibrating
Dosage Configurable
Daily capacity of the coffee machine 50
Display Yes
To Households, Offices
Functions of the coffee machine Automatic cleaning of milk ducts, Bluetooth, Cup heating, Grinding coarseness setting, Water quantity setting, Space for one serving of ground coffee, Quiet operation, Hot water dispensing, Discharge coffee with milk at once
Material Plastic
Coffee bean grinder Yes
Voltage 230V
Power input (W) 1455
Prepared drinks Americano, Caffè latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Lungo, Warm milk
Milk whisk Automatic
Tag Quality, Premium
Pressure (bar) 15
Basic functions Coffee grinder, Milk system
Coffee container (g) 270
Water tank (l) 2,2
Source of water Tank

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