Portafilter baskets - Rocket Espresso

We offer you replacement baskets for portafilters from the prestigious brand Rocket Espresso, known for its high quality and Italian elegance. These baskets are the perfect accessory for your Rocket Espresso machine, allowing you to achieve the perfect extraction and rich flavor of your espresso.
Rocket Espresso baskets are made from premium materials, ensuring long life and durability. Their precisely designed dimensions and shape ensure an even distribution of ground coffee and optimal water flow, which is the key to excellent espresso quality. ☕️👨‍🔬
Whether you want to replace an old basket or try a different size for experimenting with different coffees, Rocket Espresso baskets give you the precision and consistency you need. With our range, you can be confident that your espresso machine will continue to deliver exceptional results. 🌟🇮🇹🛠️