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Our range of professional lever coffee machines is designed to suit a variety of environments such as patisseries 🍰, homes 🏠, espresso bars 🍵, hotels 🏨, offices 💼, cafes ☕, restaurants 🍽️ and kiosks 🛍️.

These coffee machines combine flexibility and versatility to adapt to the specific needs of each environment. From compact models for smaller spaces to high-performance machines for busy businesses, our range provides quality solutions for every type of application. Each coffee machine in our range is designed to deliver exceptional quality and reliable performance, ensuring the perfect espresso in any situation.

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GiuliettaX Lelit lever coffee machineGiuliettaX Lelit two-lever coffee machine

Lelit Giulietta PL2SVX

Rating value is 5 of 5
Delivery 5-6 days
2 258,40 € 2 500 €
Boiler Single boiler with HX exchanger
Dosage Configurable
Daily capacity of the coffee machine 100